Friday, December 31, 2010

Roger's 30th

My husbands 30th was last night - a great night! He's not one for alot of fuss, so we kept it simple. Just nearest & dearest friends, lots of booze & snacks and a warm relaxing evening. Lots of Roger-food was served - oysters, prawns, antipasto and proscuitto wrapped sausages (ok, that one was for me!). Unfortunately I forgot to get the camera out (duh!) so I've got nothing to share here. The birthday money he collect is to go towards a pizza oven & bbq area he wants to build - can't wait! We already cook pizza at least once a week for dinner, quite addicted! My favourite base is this Jamie Oliver one, I've never had a fail.

Today is 41c - hot already! It is quite heavenly sitting outside this morning (in the shade) reading my blogs. I just need the energy to make a cuppa & I'll be set!

Hope your NYE is lovely. We're off to a friends party, should be another chillaxing evening, and we can take little miss which will be nice, she might even stay up past me!