Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Royal in the afternoon

We had an adventure today - I took Evie out of kindy early and, with Roger's parents, drove into the city to see the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall! It still feels a bit surreal actually. Evie, like all four year old girls, is obsessed with princesses, so this trip had her very excited! (We left Dexter with my parents, I didn't think he'd have much patience for the whole endeavour)

Evie changed into a pretty dress before we left and we stopped by our local florist to get a posy for the Duchess.

Here's a nice pic that a passerby took for me, lovely!

Here's Evie waiting for 'billions and gazillions' and getting quite 'bored' (in reality it was only about 30 minutes). We were early enough that Evie could be right at the front, some of the other people had been waiting there for two hours!

 The Prince was very friendly and seemed like a nice chap.

When the Duchess approached Evie eagerly thrust her posy into her hands. The nice old lady next to Evie introduced her to the Duchess, and she said 'Thank you so much for the lovely flowers Evie'. Wow, Evie was so proud that the Duchess knew her name!

Even though we came home dog-tired I'm so glad we had this adventure together, we've created some lovely memories that will excite Evie for years to come!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

An outing to the beach

Last Tuesday we had some stunning weather, so the kids and I played hookey from housework and spent a few hours at the beach. It was heavenly! Evie is old enough now to entertain herself, she made friends with a cute kid and built sandcastles. I sat with Dex in the pram for a bit, and then let him crawl in the wet sand (which he loved and didn't even try to eat!). We ended our date with a rainbow paddle-pop and hot chips, classic!