Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A birthday trip

Yesterday was my actual birthday and I was awoken with cuddles and presents. Roger got me the next Glee CD (I'm collecting them, love!) and I bought myself a book by Amanda Blake Soule of SouleMama. I will also be purchasing a new overlocker later this week, thanks to birthday money from family members, thank you!

We decided to go to Monarto Zoo for the day, as we hadn't been before. It was an eventful (almost hour) drive with Evie getting carsick, blah! Anyway, the rest of the day was good! We travelled around on buses to see most of the animals (carnivores, zebras...) with some lookout stops along the way, here's some pics:

The birthday girl & giraffes - excuse my windswept look!

Rog & Evie as we walked to the chimpanzees
(Evie's cute handbag used to be mine as a girl, she keeps her little camera in it)

We gave Evie a kids camera for her birthday, and she absolutely loves it! It was so great to have at the zoo, I love her concentration. Rog took these of her taking photos of the rock wallabies.

Here they are and no, this one wasn't taken by Evie, this is from our camera

We were there about four hours, so were exhausted by the time we got home! We spent the evening at my in-laws for dinner which was lovely.

Altogether a nice birthday

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Party time!

Last night was my 30th party and I had the best time! We had our closest friends around after dinner for drinks, food, laughing, music... A jolly good time was had by all! It was exactly my sort of party - no speeches, or happy birthdays just some stunning presents & good friends!

Of course I didn't get around to taking any photos on the night (I'm hoping some friends can help me out here!), instead I've got some pictures of the aftermath for you:

Ha! It looked alot more magical last night! We had candles, fairy lights and these awesome streamers - lots of ambience! My inspiration was found here and here.

This was my photo board, I found my inspiration here.

Ok, so the dishes await, and a 3 year old begging for attention. I'll be back soon...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy birthday baby Emma!

My littlest sis is having her birthday today - we've got you some cute thrifted gifts & Evie's made you an ace card - hope it's a lovely day!

Here's some pics (stolen from facebook!):

Megan, Emma & Me - 1991

Megan, Laura (sis-in-law), Emma & Me - 2008
(Emma's 80's themed party!)

Laura, Emma, Megan & Me - 2009

aww - sistas forever!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Evie's shirley hair

On Saturday arvo we went to an engagement party (which was really lovely!). Here's a pic of my girl all dolled up;

Please note the curly (Shirley Temple) hair my sis-in-law did for her, my was Evie in love with those curls!! I let Evie choose her own outfit for the party, of course it was her pretty (thrifted) flowery dress & lace up shoes.

I tried to get a photo in her amazing coat, but Evie was sick of photos by then, this is the best I could do!

ps - while we were enjoying ourselves at the party, my lovely husband was speaking at a conference, here's a link to Rogers technical blog (don't worry, I don't understand what he does either! so clever!!)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday wandering

I'm thinking about catching the bus with Evie into the city today. I'd like to look in the shops & she's requested the museum - I think we can do both! Sounds quite nice really!

In lieu of a photo of my own, here's a cool mother-daughter one I spotted yesterday

I wish we were looking half as cool!!

Happy Friday! Are you wandering somewhere too?

*Update: We did go into the city. The bus trip was a long one, but Evie found it exciting enough. There were playgrounds to wave to, a police car, some old people... what more could she want! The museum was great, Evie is a lovely age for it now, and especially loved seeing all the stuffed animals (even if they creep me out a bit). We managed to catch up with a couple of lovely friends & do a  bit of shopping too. Now we're in pj's and ready for dinner in front of tv - perfect!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dining room dreaming

Our dining set used to belong to Roger's grandparents, it's from the 50's or 60's. It's not too bad to look at, but it's also not super comfy & has had alot of use in its lifetime. Tonight while I was slouching at dinner I shifted my weight in a bad way & cracked the under-support of the chair (ha! I'm only a skinny thing too!). In an ideal world this would mean splurging on a new table & set of chairs - I can dream can't I?

This lovely photo (from Bolaget, via mackapar) shows the bones of my dream set-up - beautiful long table, comfy but cool chairs & two pendant lights. Because this is a dream there are many details yet to be decided - here are some variations on the theme to get us drooling!

ps - ha! I just noticed that all of my links are Scandinavian, I think I have particular taste in dining rooms!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Indoor plant love

I've decided to try my hand at indoor plants, something I've never done before. Indoor plants are definitely coming back into vogue, and I've been seeing them all around the interwebs. For example, herehere and here.

The other week I bought an African Violet (beautiful!) and a fellow customer gave me a handy tip (thanks!). I can pull off the leaves & start growing new plants - awesome! I've got two pieces of Japanese pottery, from op-shops, that have been sitting empty on my shelves. Now they are full!

Oh lovely pots, how I love you!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some lovely links - 8

- Really cute invitations by Mitchell & Dent, via bloesem kids

- Aww, sweet little envelope houses on Camilla Engman, via april and may

- That chopping board is too cool to use, I would just look at it! by annapernilla, via Hello, I'm Tiger

- A post on natural home insect repellents

- Garance's hilarious post on razors

- Gorgeous DIY wedding hair

- Kate's funny & insightful post on self-care & diet

Monday, June 6, 2011

Nighty night

A few weeks ago Rog's auntie gave Evie a nighty that she sewed for her. Evie loves the nighty so much that it is worn day & night (except for meals). I've only been allowed to wash it after the occasional night-time 'accident'. It's a classic old school winter nighty - long puffy sleeves, peter pan collar & goes to her ankles. She looks adorable! This inspired me to try & make one!

Evie & I went to Spotlight & I let her choose a lovely brushed cotton - of course it's got pink unicorns & 'ponies' all over it! Thankfully my mum had on old pattern in her stash for me to borrow! It turned out so lovely! Because Evie is tall I added extra length, so it has a huge hem, but she may be able to wear it next winter too. I added pink lace around the neckline & a pink button on the back.

Of course when I wanted to get a photo Evie wasn't feeling co-operative. Here's a pic with un-brushed hair (because it looks 'curly'!) and a half-smile:

Have you made anything creative lately??

Friday, June 3, 2011

TV and some pics

I'm sitting at home tonight with my sisters watching re-runs of 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live and Parks & Recreation. Amazing! There's nothing like witty, funny tv - especially when the characters are my friends! (ok, maybe I enjoy my favourite shows a bit too much!)

This week I've been getting into Pinterest - it's really cool, but probably another time-waster I don't need. If you haven't seen Pinterest you should check it out, it's a really cool way to find great images and catalogue them. Here's some of my fave images I've found through Pinterest this week:

I love these colours & design, amazing!
Image from here

I would love to see Evie in this jacket
Image from here

I would love this rocket perched on a shelf in our house
Image from here

Indian spiced potato chips, I want to eat these right now!
Image from here

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shots of life

I feel like we don't lead a very exciting life. It's certainly lovely, and I'm not complaining because I'm so lucky that I don't have to work, but it means that I don't have any great stories to share!

In place of a compelling anecdote, here are a few snapshots of our day:

Evie singing while 'reading' a book to herself tucked up in bed

My sewing room - I love having it! I really need to spend more time in there, not just sewing but also, ahem, tidying!

We went to the park this afternoon where I thought I could take some nice shots of Evie. Yes, this is the only photo I took. Evie was crying 'Don't take photos mum, play with me'!! With a face like that who was I to say no!