Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy birthday to me...

So, today I turned 31, hooray! (I can't believe it's been a year since my 30th!)

It was a lovely day. First thing I took Evie to kindy, it was her first excursion, to the museum! As she boarded the bus with all the other kindy kids Evie had some tears, but she soon recovered and had a great time. I must admit that I cried a bit as I walked home, it feels like she's growing up so quickly!

Here's a pic of Evie, playing at home before kindy:

Here's Dex & I about to walk out the door to kindy:

I had a birthday lunch today with my youngest sister Emma and my sis-in-law Laura. It was super lovely!! We went to a local French cafe, and Dex (wonderful little boy) slept through the whole thing!

Tonight with Roger & the kids we had take-away pizza for dinner & I'm now enjoying my own mini tub of birthday Maggie Beer ice-cream (burnt fig, honeycomb & caramel - delish!!)

Birthday self-portrait - well hello thirty-one, and what do you have in store for me??

Friday, June 22, 2012

Rainy Friday update

So, Dex is asleep & Evie is hanging out in her room - perfect! I've made myself a coffee from our new machine (ooh, fancy) & settled in for some alone time (lets see how long that lasts!).

In lieu of something exciting, here's a family update:

Dex has started teething, I know, he's only just four months! The weird thing is that it's not one of his middle top or bottoms, but an incisor, so it's coming out the middle of his gum! Poor little thing, it explains the couple of bad nights we've had lately! I've pulled out the bonjela this afternoon & thinking about trying an amber necklace, has anyone tried them? any advice for me?

Evie came home from kindy on Wednesday & told me that 'heaps of the kids at kindy have got colds', just awesome. So yes, Evie is home today with a cold. Typical Evie style, she's mostly full of beans with occasional emotional outbursts - no napping for this one!

Roger is working from home today at my sewing desk. He's so well focussed that we only see him for coffee re-fills (if it was me I'd spend most of my day wandering around the house!). What would I do without my hard-working steady man!

And me - I was supposed to be enjoying a leisurely lunch with four girlfriends, waaa!
It's rained steadily most of the day, so I'm not too disappointed to be inside in trackies! I don't have much house-cleaning mojo so have been playing with & cuddling the kids instead - not bad use of my time!

What are you up to this rainy Friday?

Evie & I with Dex in my tummy
10 November 2011

Roger & Evie on her 2nd birthday
22 April 2010

Little Evie & I
12 March 2009

Roger & Dex
3 June 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dex is four months old

I can't quite believe that my little boy is four months old already, can you?

Ha, I love those photos of Evie & Dex!

So, what can I tell you about my little man? He's putting on weight now & getting a bit chubby which is adorable. He's a super smiley boy & is always cooing & chatting. He can't take his eyes off Evie, she's such a dynamite of energy that she keeps him interested! We've had a couple of bad nights lately, but other than those he sleeps through the whole night.

Before I had Dex I wasn't sure that I had enough love to share with both my children, but now my heart has expanded to love them both infinitely & equally! (super awesome!)

Here are some pics of Dexter at three months, two months & one month.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Some lovely links - 22

- these cute boys tee's were made by modifying the flashback skinny tee pattern (which I own!), from cirque du bebe

- yum! this speckled bread combines my love of fruit bread with heavy lashings of butter! from hugo & elsa

- wowsers, Evie would never eat dinner if we had a train track table! from tracktile tables, via Paul & Paula

- naw, adorable knitted baby shoes, from babyccino kids

- apparently this recipe is for the best buttermilk pancakes ever! from A Cup of Jo

- baha! Barack Obama singing 'I'm Sexy & I know it', made my breakfast time!

- some great tips for teaching kids to sew

- this kids novel looks really cool, I might put one away for Evie in a couple of years!

- like this little collection of summer sandals

- loved this blog post about being a mum

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dex is three months

Thought I'd better post this before he turns four months!!

Dexter was three months old on 14th May, here are some photos of my beautiful boy:

Evie didn't want to miss the action. Ha, just noticed that they're colour co-ordinated, happy coincidence!

Here he is at one month & two months

Here are a couple of photos from the week leading up to the three month mark, I think these are too cute not to share!

cozy & ready for a walk with mum