Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sick little Dexie

Ok, so you know how we've all been sick here for a month-and-a-half? (ridiculous I know, but just wait for the next story!)

Mid-last week Dexter developed a slight wheeze with his cold, which didn't seem to bother him much. After a terrible night with him waking frequently we took Dex to the doctor last Friday. The doc confirmed his wheeze and put him on ventolin to help. By Sunday morning (after another bad night) it was clear that the ventolin was doing nothing and his wheeze was getting really bad. We don't have doctors open here on a Sunday, so it was off to emergency at our local hospital (you might remember we were there only the week before with Evie's ears!)

The poor little thing! He was diagnosed with bronchiolitis, put on oxygen to help his breathing and admitted overnight. He's such a chipper chap - even though he was quite uncomfortable and sick, Dex still had amazing smiles for everyone and didn't stop wiggling and jiggling!

Long story short I stayed overnight with him, they weaned him off the oxygen by Monday morning and we were home by lunch-time. He is pretty much better now, just a few boogers!

I know these next two pics are blurry, but this lad just won't stay still for a photo, and he's sooo cute!

why yes, I was using a taped-up-blanket as a curtain in our room, how fancy!

ps - last night we had these falafel for dinner with these tortillas, delicious!!! (and very child friendly)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Some lovely links - 25

- I bought this vintage 1950's bow tie online this morning, eek! it's so cute! It's for Dex to wear to my bro-in-laws wedding early next year (when Dex will be a big boy of one - be still my heart!). from Hart and Sew

- awww, old fashioned telegram service, so cute! from telegram stop, via House that Lars Built

- man I love the colour and style of this dining room, you should check out the rest of the house. from my scandinavian home

- what a cool free printable, Evie would love it! from mr printables, via Charlotte's Fancy

- why French kids don't get fat

- awesome archery themed kid's party (man, is Lier creative and talented!)

- interesting blog post on homemade, natural beauty products

- oh man I love Tom and Lorenzo

- is it weird that all I can think about is eating this butter?

(an aside - I said 'oh man' three times in this post, I think sickness and sleep depravity is limiting my vocabulary!)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Dexter is seven months

I know right, time is just flying! This little chubba is going great guns, he's got two teeth now and is crawling! (technically commando crawling, but he is working out how to get into trouble!). It was really hard to get both kids to sit still, so these are the best pics I could get!

ha, cuties!

Not sure if you remember hearing about our awful family holiday, but would you believe that we've been continually sick since then with colds, coughs and sore ears. As I write this Dex is napping with a snotty nose and Evie is lying on the lounge with an ear infection. Boo! We are looking forward to spring and getting out into the world again - we need a break!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Father's day weekend

Last weekend we had a couple of lovely outings, thought I'd share here.

First we went to Henley Beach on Saturday afternoon for a walk in the sunshine, coffee and tasty snacks:

On Sunday morning, Father's Day, Rog had some work to do so I took the kids to the Goodwood Farmer's Market. I had a really nice time out and Roger got some peace and quiet to do his work, perfect! (my sister Emma and little adelaide kate were there too, hi!)

Yeah, I'm totally a hipster and rocking my chambray shirt!
Dex is asleep in the Ergo carrier, what a darling boy.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Swing babies

I was looking through photos last night and found these of Dex at six-and-a-half months and Evie at the same age.

In my mind I always think Dexter & Evie are alike, but looking at these photos these two are very different, but very beautiful!