Monday, September 10, 2012

Father's day weekend

Last weekend we had a couple of lovely outings, thought I'd share here.

First we went to Henley Beach on Saturday afternoon for a walk in the sunshine, coffee and tasty snacks:

On Sunday morning, Father's Day, Rog had some work to do so I took the kids to the Goodwood Farmer's Market. I had a really nice time out and Roger got some peace and quiet to do his work, perfect! (my sister Emma and little adelaide kate were there too, hi!)

Yeah, I'm totally a hipster and rocking my chambray shirt!
Dex is asleep in the Ergo carrier, what a darling boy.


  1. Your family is darling!
    So is your FACE!

  2. You are so hipster cool :) Had a lovely time at the markets :)

    1. it was nice, I really want to go more often!


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