Friday, June 22, 2012

Rainy Friday update

So, Dex is asleep & Evie is hanging out in her room - perfect! I've made myself a coffee from our new machine (ooh, fancy) & settled in for some alone time (lets see how long that lasts!).

In lieu of something exciting, here's a family update:

Dex has started teething, I know, he's only just four months! The weird thing is that it's not one of his middle top or bottoms, but an incisor, so it's coming out the middle of his gum! Poor little thing, it explains the couple of bad nights we've had lately! I've pulled out the bonjela this afternoon & thinking about trying an amber necklace, has anyone tried them? any advice for me?

Evie came home from kindy on Wednesday & told me that 'heaps of the kids at kindy have got colds', just awesome. So yes, Evie is home today with a cold. Typical Evie style, she's mostly full of beans with occasional emotional outbursts - no napping for this one!

Roger is working from home today at my sewing desk. He's so well focussed that we only see him for coffee re-fills (if it was me I'd spend most of my day wandering around the house!). What would I do without my hard-working steady man!

And me - I was supposed to be enjoying a leisurely lunch with four girlfriends, waaa!
It's rained steadily most of the day, so I'm not too disappointed to be inside in trackies! I don't have much house-cleaning mojo so have been playing with & cuddling the kids instead - not bad use of my time!

What are you up to this rainy Friday?

Evie & I with Dex in my tummy
10 November 2011

Roger & Evie on her 2nd birthday
22 April 2010

Little Evie & I
12 March 2009

Roger & Dex
3 June 2012


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