Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A birthday trip

Yesterday was my actual birthday and I was awoken with cuddles and presents. Roger got me the next Glee CD (I'm collecting them, love!) and I bought myself a book by Amanda Blake Soule of SouleMama. I will also be purchasing a new overlocker later this week, thanks to birthday money from family members, thank you!

We decided to go to Monarto Zoo for the day, as we hadn't been before. It was an eventful (almost hour) drive with Evie getting carsick, blah! Anyway, the rest of the day was good! We travelled around on buses to see most of the animals (carnivores, zebras...) with some lookout stops along the way, here's some pics:

The birthday girl & giraffes - excuse my windswept look!

Rog & Evie as we walked to the chimpanzees
(Evie's cute handbag used to be mine as a girl, she keeps her little camera in it)

We gave Evie a kids camera for her birthday, and she absolutely loves it! It was so great to have at the zoo, I love her concentration. Rog took these of her taking photos of the rock wallabies.

Here they are and no, this one wasn't taken by Evie, this is from our camera

We were there about four hours, so were exhausted by the time we got home! We spent the evening at my in-laws for dinner which was lovely.

Altogether a nice birthday


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Tuesday! Monarto Zoo is wonderful isn't it! We went there in December and loved zooming around in the buses. The giraffes were my fave walking right past the bus windows. Evie is so adorable with her lil camera!

  2. the giraffes were my favourite too, so gorgeous!!


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