Monday, June 6, 2011

Nighty night

A few weeks ago Rog's auntie gave Evie a nighty that she sewed for her. Evie loves the nighty so much that it is worn day & night (except for meals). I've only been allowed to wash it after the occasional night-time 'accident'. It's a classic old school winter nighty - long puffy sleeves, peter pan collar & goes to her ankles. She looks adorable! This inspired me to try & make one!

Evie & I went to Spotlight & I let her choose a lovely brushed cotton - of course it's got pink unicorns & 'ponies' all over it! Thankfully my mum had on old pattern in her stash for me to borrow! It turned out so lovely! Because Evie is tall I added extra length, so it has a huge hem, but she may be able to wear it next winter too. I added pink lace around the neckline & a pink button on the back.

Of course when I wanted to get a photo Evie wasn't feeling co-operative. Here's a pic with un-brushed hair (because it looks 'curly'!) and a half-smile:

Have you made anything creative lately??


  1. love it :) I've been working on a new lino print & an experimental stitching idea (see my blog) xx

  2. of course I've seen your blog! Go creativity!!


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