Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Evie's shirley hair

On Saturday arvo we went to an engagement party (which was really lovely!). Here's a pic of my girl all dolled up;

Please note the curly (Shirley Temple) hair my sis-in-law did for her, my was Evie in love with those curls!! I let Evie choose her own outfit for the party, of course it was her pretty (thrifted) flowery dress & lace up shoes.

I tried to get a photo in her amazing coat, but Evie was sick of photos by then, this is the best I could do!

ps - while we were enjoying ourselves at the party, my lovely husband was speaking at a conference, here's a link to Rogers technical blog (don't worry, I don't understand what he does either! so clever!!)


  1. Just gorgeous, love the curls!
    And I love her style and what she picks to wear!

  2. BAH! just looked at Roger's blog... He's so smart it's scary! Think Kym will love it!!! Evie looks beautiful. Tell her I love her hair and her dress and her pretty face xxx

  3. Kate, I know, scary clever! I told Evie, she just grinned!


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