Sunday, June 26, 2011

Party time!

Last night was my 30th party and I had the best time! We had our closest friends around after dinner for drinks, food, laughing, music... A jolly good time was had by all! It was exactly my sort of party - no speeches, or happy birthdays just some stunning presents & good friends!

Of course I didn't get around to taking any photos on the night (I'm hoping some friends can help me out here!), instead I've got some pictures of the aftermath for you:

Ha! It looked alot more magical last night! We had candles, fairy lights and these awesome streamers - lots of ambience! My inspiration was found here and here.

This was my photo board, I found my inspiration here.

Ok, so the dishes await, and a 3 year old begging for attention. I'll be back soon...


  1. Love your decorations and decorations aside I love your wall art on that wall in the second pic! Glad you had a great night.
    The 30 photo board is a great idea that I think I have to pinch! I'm turning 30 next Friday so you'll prob see this idea in use again soon! Thanks for sharing!

  2. you girls are so encouraging!!


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