Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday wandering

I'm thinking about catching the bus with Evie into the city today. I'd like to look in the shops & she's requested the museum - I think we can do both! Sounds quite nice really!

In lieu of a photo of my own, here's a cool mother-daughter one I spotted yesterday

I wish we were looking half as cool!!

Happy Friday! Are you wandering somewhere too?

*Update: We did go into the city. The bus trip was a long one, but Evie found it exciting enough. There were playgrounds to wave to, a police car, some old people... what more could she want! The museum was great, Evie is a lovely age for it now, and especially loved seeing all the stuffed animals (even if they creep me out a bit). We managed to catch up with a couple of lovely friends & do a  bit of shopping too. Now we're in pj's and ready for dinner in front of tv - perfect!

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