Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mourning the overlocker

The overlocker (or serger) I had been using, my mums old one, is officially dead. I really miss it! I keep going to finish seams, or tackle a project and finding myself stuck! I'm now thinking about priorities. I think I would like a new overlocker for my birthday, unfortunately over-ruling the camera lens, kitchen mixer & pendant lights. (I think my birthday list was a bit over-ambitious anyway!!)

I talked to the man at the Janome shop today & I might get a Janome ML644D.

I just wanted to know if anyone has opinions, comments, suggestions? I'm all ears!

ps - my friend Kate has written a thoughful blog about self care and relationships that's worth a read


  1. R.I.P overlocker :( I have no ideas to help (I don't know how to use mine), but good luck! And thanks for the mention xxx

  2. A good friend of mine found one at a garage sale, it was dirty, but after a good clean and some loving care got it working and works a treat! How much are they new?

  3. no worries kate, you're a superstar blogger :)

  4. Jane, I have wondered about getting a 2nd hand one - I suppose I don't want hassle after the last one dying, but I should prob look into it. The one I'm looking at is $500 on sale (instead of $800)

  5. I understand only a suggestion! Wow they are expensive aren't they. But $300 off, sounds like a bargain!


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