Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day outfit

Ok, so here's what I wore for Mother's Day. (Rog took the pic for me)

Cardigan - Sportscraft, gift
Dress - Handmade, gift
Belt - Tie from another dress
Shoes (not seen) - not worth seeing!

Would you believe that my mum made me that dress when I was 15! (yes, about 15 years ago). I found it in a suitcase of stored clothes the other day, I'm so glad that I held onto it! Now I just have to wait for the matching bolero to come back in fashion!!

Evie was feeling left out, so here's a shot of her in Mother's Day finery (she was concerned about getting cold - what a crack up!)

Hat - Dotti, gift
Jacket - unknown brand, gift
Dress - Pumpkin Patch, gift
Rubber Boots - Target, gift

ps - the cake I made for Mother's Day was delicious!! (as well as gluten & dairy free!)

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