Monday, May 2, 2011

Yard work

So much time was spent in our yard this past weekend! We moved/pulled down the chicken house, moved/rebuilt the cubby house and moved one of our new garden beds - phew! It was cold and drizzly, but somehow that was quite perfect!!

Here's a pic of our chookies (there are four of them, one must be hiding!) in their temporary housing:

I know, not very fancy! It's an dog cage and old fencing for a small run. (Since then I've added an old curtain over the cage for some coziness!) The main thing is that the chooks can be locked in the cage at night as protection against foxes, which we have in our area. We're hoping that the chooks will only be like this for a couple of weeks while their new, much nicer & bigger, house & run are constructed!

Here's Rog pulling down the old chook house:

It was a filthy job for him. This chook house began its life as an avery, and when we moved in we converted it to a chook run. Unfortunately it began to fall apart and a fox got in last year (only minor injuries, Rog ran out just in time) - since then it's had some fixing up, but nothing too fancy!

In pulling apart the chook house Rog discovered more mice, this time about a dozen in a nest, gross! Evie loved chasing them around the yard with Rog, and spotting them kept her quite occupied. She has a tender heart: Rog caught a couple in a bucket. One managed to jump out. Evie helped the last one out with her little broom, 'It needs to find it's mummy, it's lonely', aww! Couldn't really tell her off for that!

I don't have any pics of the moving & re-building of the cubby house (now much closer to our back door, where the chook house was). The good news is that Evie's been playing in it heaps more, a trend that I'm hoping will continue! So here's the girl herself instead, looking very helpful with her little broom! She loved Roger's earmuffs and told me, 'I've seen these in a Christmas book'. She means a Christmas carol book, and the earmuffs worn in the snow for warmth! (Obviously it doesn't get too cold here!)


  1. Awh love her and her little broom! Congrats on getting so much work done, am a bit jealous!

  2. it's quite satisfying, but it's all half-done, still feels like alot to do!


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