Thursday, May 5, 2011

Evie - Style master

Evie loves choosing her own clothes, and I love the combinations she comes up with! Sometimes crazy plus crazy equals edgy fashion - on Monday it just equalled crazy!

When Evie came into my room I said 'you look cozy' and she said 'no mum, I look awesome'. bahaha! Such confidence!! (and yes, that is knee high socks & sandals)

Beanie, Jumper & Dress - handmade gifts
Scarfe - hand-me-down
Socks - Myers
Sandles - thrifted

Yesterday morning Evie let me braid her hair & put in little ribbons (adorable!). She picked a lovely little outfit too, here's a couple of pics of her doing her favourite princess puzzle.

Dress & Shoes - thrifted
Top & Leggings - Target

After lunch Evie decided on a costume change, and rocked it! (although too excited to stand still for photos)

Dress - thrifted gift
Top - Target
Leggings - Cotton On
Shoes - thrifted
Crazy hair - models own

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