Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday summation

This morning we caught a tram into the city for the annual Free Comic Book Day. This is an annual event where we visit our favourite comic book store and get to choose a couple of free comics each! (Evie picked Toy Story & Kung Fu Panda). We also love seeing people in costume - you know, Batman, Storm Troopers, the usual! Roger used to be a huge comic book fan as a kid, and FCBD is getting us back into comics, a fun family event!

Here's a pic of my little superhero (from a year ago) to add some visual interest to this post!!

This isn't any patented superhero, just one from her & Auntie Laura's imagination. And yes, that is a dilapidated looking 'monkey ear' hanging from her beanie!

Then we headed over to the Bowerbird Markets, also one of our favourite events!  A delightful handmade & design market held twice a year. We didn't buy anything (apart from tasty snacks) this time, it seemed that most of the stuff was 'big ticket' items (ie, too much cash!)

A few of our favourite stalls were:
Studio 8 - cool art & fashion (read the 'About Us' page!)
Lex Stobie Design - amazing furniture, ahh, I love it!
Ink & Spindle - lovely hand printed fabrics
Susan Frost Ceramics - a gorgeous array of ceramics that need to be touched
Roman Corporate - great robot art!

ps - I'm currently cooking a flourless chocolate cake (found here) for mother's day lunch tomorrow, should be super tasty!!

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