Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yummy dinner recipes

I made a tasty pumpkin soup for dinner tonight. To give a bit more flavour I popped all the veggies in the oven for a roast instead of frying them. The only bummer is that my blender gave up the ghost partway through, so it was a slightly lumpy soup!

Another recipe that we tried & loved the other day was curried lentils. Really easy. Although it was meant to be a stew, it was quite runny & we ate it like a soup (tasty!). It also took a couple of hours longer in the slow cooker than the recipe suggested, but I'm not complaining when it provided my family with 3 or 4 meals!

Gah, I know this post isn't very visual or inspirational, but tonight I'm too tired to do much about it! I'm off to bed, here's hoping that tonight I'm not woken by a little girl (dreaming or wetting the bed!) or a wailing cat (for some reason they love our yard!!)

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