Saturday, May 14, 2011

New cushion

Meet my new cushion, I made her the other day and I love her! A dear friend gave me a lovely tea towel (Mozi) for my birthday last year, but I thought it was too nice to use. For a while I had it pinned on my wall to look at, but finally decided it was time to turn it into a cushion. Of course as soon as I sat down to sew the overlocker stopped working! It's my mum's old one (about 20 years old) and it was mine until it broke, bummer! I think I might be buying a new one for my birthday. Instead I just zig-zagged the seams with my sewing machine (old school). Because I was making this cushion 'pillow size' I used a classic pillow pocket fold to hold the insert, easy peasy.

So anyway, here is a shot of the new cushion posing with my existing cushions!

ps - I've been waiting to publish this post for a couple of days, but Blogger has been super stupid! anyway, here it is!!


  1. thanks kate!! i love it too, it makes me smile every time I'm in the lounge room, dorky huh!


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