Tuesday, March 20, 2012

5 weeks already...

Would you believe that Dexter is five weeks old already! It's amazing how it feels like the longest & shortest time at the same time!

When Dexter was born the midwives noticed he had a tongue tie, which made breast feeding almost impossible! Within a week we took him to see an oral surgeon who snipped the offending tie & freed up Dexter's tongue. I'm pleased to report that this healed up super quick & that he now feeds like a pro.

I don't mean to brag, but I also got a baby that loves to sleep at night! In general we have a five-six hour gap between a couple of feeds allowing me to sleep for four hours in a row, bliss! On a couple of flukey nights I've even been able to sleep for seven hours in a row!!

To make up for all this night-time sleeping Dex only likes to catnap during the day & doesn't like to do that in his bed! I spend alot of my day cuddling him (which isn't all bad!) or trying to soothe him to sleep in an infant rocker. Thankfully Dex has alot of rellies happy to cuddle hin while I do housework.

We've also got a smiley boy on our hands, we got our first smile last week & now I'm seeing quite a few, completely adorable!!

If you're happy to indulge me, here are some photos of my darling boy at the one-month mark last week:

so suspicious...

Evie wanted to be part of the action & brought a series of 'funny faces' to the table!


  1. Love his little character! And congrats on having a sleeping baby!

    1. thanks kate, he's almost asleep now & then I can go to bed!


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