Monday, October 22, 2012

Dexter is eight months!

I know every mother says this, but I can't believe how fast my kids are growing! This little chunker is eight months already. Dexie's hair is still growing straight up and slightly back now, I think he might have wavy hair! He has two big teeth on the bottom now, with which he happily demolish's rusks and anything else in his path. Dex is totally on the move too (he's figured out proper crawling), as soon as he hits the floor he's off to explore. We're having a battle teaching him not to go in the kitchen! I'm constantly hearing Evie yell 'Mum, he's in my room touching my things' - I have a feeling this is just the beginning! I should mention that Dexter is awesome at sitting too. During the last month I discovered that he could sit already, I just hadn't tried yet! Also the talking, we're getting lots of 'da-da-da' and 'ma-ma-ma'.

Man does this boy love to eat. He is well and truly into solids now, almost every meal is followed by dessert to fill up his tummy! I'm still giving him a bottle before I go to bed at night because he's so happy to drink it down (and I love the extra smiles and cuddles too!) Have I mentioned that he sleeps eleven hours a night? (gee, this is turning into a brag session!). What a perfect second child!!

I'm pretty sure you can see it in these photos, Dex is an absolute delight!! He's pretty placid, just goes with the flow of our family. At the same time he is full of movement, excitement and joy. What a darling!!

Evie took this last one for me (don't mind the washing!) thanks cutie!


  1. Hi Lovely,
    I recently received the leibster award from imogen eve and I've passed it on to you because I think your so cool! and really madly truly deeply love your blog.
    no pressure to pass it on (you may have already received it!)
    Lou Lou x


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