Thursday, May 2, 2013

Evie's fifth birthday party

Evie turned five during the school holidays (crazy town, when did I become the mother of a five year old!). I'm sure you've gathered by now that Evie is quite a character, and her choice of party theme did not disappoint - a Christmas party!!

We held the party in a local park, with fine sunny weather, it was quite glorious. We kept the guest list simple with immediate families and a handful five year old friends.

Here's Evie in her Christmassy outfit, waiting for the guests to arrive, looking forlorn with her scooter (we replaced this scooter with a 'grown up' one for her birthday a couple of days later)

Here's our set-up - we got lots of decorations and tableware from friends and family, and borrowed the tree from little adelaide kate (thanks!). Under the tree are the party bags for Evie's friends - we painted the wrapping paper together and had fun filling them with treats (balloon, colouring sheet, bubbles, chocolate, stickers).

ha this photo cracks me up! Roger bought a Santa suit for the occasion and totally surprised Evie, it was awesome.

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