Monday, January 17, 2011

Domestic Goddess Alert!

My tally today is one batch of Apricot Chutney, one tasty dinner and a currently bubbling batch of Plum Sauce. Phew! Thankfully I had my sister Megan visiting today, so she played with Evie for me!

Our tasty dinner was one recommended in the latest Goop newsletter - do you read it? you totally should! It's put together by Gwyneth Paltrow (!) and is full of interesting things to make, go, get, do, be and see. Sign up here. I made the Crab-less Cakes from the 'Clean' diet Gwyneth wrote about. Very tasty vegetarian food (need to locate more of that!) I had to buy some exotic (for me) ingredients for this one, but I'll be making it again!

One last thing - an awesome competition/giveaway running on The Red Thread at the moment. The prize is amazing (only open to Australian residents) and it's to raise money for the Queensland Flood Relief Appeal. Go here to read all the details.

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