Monday, January 31, 2011


Here's a photo of Evie (that Roger took) from the weekend - to make up for the wordy post below!!

What a busy and hot weekend! 42C today and yesterday - I am so thankful for our air-conditioning!

Spent yesterday enjoying that cool air and sorting out our spare room. I should tell you now, I am somewhat of a hoarder. I loved looking through all the stuff I've got stashed away in boxes - photos, old invitations, school papers. I'm learning though - if I haven't looked through it in years then its probably not very important! I've still kept many stories that I wrote at school, my report cards, drawings and photos that I love - I'm sure that one day Evie will love looking through them with me!

The point of this story is that we're doing a room swap in our house soon. We live in a modest three bedroom house (built in the 1980's). We're going to move Evie into the spare room next to ours, and Evie's room will become my sewing room. Her current room is next to the living area and the other night she lay on the floor so that she could hear our movie under her door. We were watching 'It's Complicated' (hilarious!) with my sister Megan. We could hear Evie trying to laugh with us (at the 'laughing people movie' as she called it) and yelling out some dialogue. Umm, yes, time for a room change!

I'm excited - I love a change like this - the planning and re-arranging. I need to research cheap blinds/curtains for Evie's room because she'll get the morning sun (I might try Spotlight, they're having a sale, anyone tried them?). We're also going to paint the room white (currently it's blue). I'm thinking of trying an 'eco' paint - one that's good for the environment and doesn't emit fumes - any tips??

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