Saturday, August 20, 2011

Adventure day!

After a couple of days at home Evie & I decided on an adventure on Friday. Here is what she wore (and yes, this is the best pose I could get!):

Dress: thrifted
Cardigan: Seed, a gift
Socks & Shoes: Target

What you can't see here is that her darling dress has a white peter-pan collar & puffed sleeves, and a little red flower embroidery that matches her hair ribbon & sparkly shoes. Evie picked this pretty outfit herself.

On to the adventure - we caught a train into the city, something that Evie last did when she was a baby & doesn't remember, very exciting! We had morning tea with Roger which was really lovely & then headed to the museum. We spent ages looking at all the animals, the Mawson exhibit and 'digging' for bones in the interactive archaeology spot. We had a food-court lunch in the city & looked at pretty dresses for a while before heading home on the train again, with our chocolate frogs from Haighs!

It was such a perfect day. I was so proud of my girl for being on her best behaviour & so friendly & lovely!! (mind you, we paid for it today with heaps of tired behaviour!)

Anyone else had an adventure lately?

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  1. love it! my adventure.... well this weekend we put up a fence for our chickens (yet to come) so soon we'll have a pet ownership adventure! xx


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