Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A hint of spring

Today was 22 (degrees celsius) and sunny, what a treat! I know that rain & cold are coming again at the end of the week, but what a tease of spring!! We spent some time out in the yard today, and wore skirts & dresses to the beach (with my sis-in-law) for some lunch & a wander - perfect! I tried to capture some of the glorious afternoon sun with our new lens:

 I know, boring, but I love hanging washing out to dry on a sunny day!!

 Some of our tasty rhubarb

 I did some weeding around the onions & kale

 Somehow this pic doesn't quite capture the gorgeous blue of the sky!

Camellia just beginning to bloom, lovely

ps - I made this Chocolate Beetroot Cake last night, surprisingly delicious. I think I'll sweeten up the next one with some chocolate icing, but for now smothering it in cream is good enough!

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