Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Evie & I were so excited to receive two packages in the mail yesterday, hooray! It felt like Christmas!

I know I've shared with you before my love of sandals (ha, yes, I'm really that lame!) Anyway, I succumbed and bought a pair for Evie & myself, vintage Saltwater Sandals from Pure Vintage Clothing on etsy. I've read really good reviews on the quality of these sandals, and I'm so impressed that these second-hand pairs are almost brand new in quality (and so much cheaper than buying new!) Yes, I'm quite excited! I measured Evie's feet a little wrong & hers are way too huge, so I might have snuck back online to order a slightly smaller (and more purple) pair!

I don't know if you remember that I won this outfit recently, it is sooo cute! Evie loves it, and hasn't wanted to take it off. The t-shirt & shorts seem to be really good quality & comfy too. This pose of Evies is called the 'monster plant', long story, but it makes me laugh!

Have you had any good packages or mail lately?


  1. Love the shoes, and how you both got the same type! And love the outfit!

  2. Awh love the sandals and her monster plant pose (I might take it up!)..... hmmmmmmmm good packages or mail.... I'm about to trump your sandal-lameness and with the excitement I feel when the Gardening Australia mag arrives each month. I heart, heart, heart, HEART it! I even do the crossword. I'm waiting for the next one!


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