Sunday, September 4, 2011

Snapshots of a productive weekend

Roger found an old organiser that still works and he's given it to Evie, she loves her new 'laptop'! She loves to sit with us & we all 'work' on our computers. Saturday morning before breakfast she tucked herself in on the lounge to play with her laptop. Evie loves typing her name & making up 'funny' numbers!

Yesterday we got a big delivery of lovely soil for our raised garden beds (you might remember we built these beds back in March, but have only now filled them!) My folks came over & helped us move the dirt. Evie used a little wheelbarrow, from when my dad was a boy, and 'helped' alot! (You might notice that I'm not working in any pictures, I find that being 16 weeks pregnant is the best excuse!!)

Today is chook house day! Rog & his dad are building the new house for our chookies!! Evie & I are in charge of food supplies (homemade biscuits & pizza) and staying out of the way!

Have you been productive this weekend?


  1. Yes we have been super busy, got lots of painting done. Love the photos of Evie with the wheelbarrow helping reminds me of Lachlan!

  2. I was thinking of you as I wrote this one, hope you got all the painting done that you needed too! hopefully soon you can have a relaxing weekend instead!


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