Saturday, March 26, 2011

Working Bee!

Today has been a backyard working bee for us (well, for Roger, I've been in charge of food & toddler minding!). Rogers' dad has been helping him assemble some lovely garden beds for our veggies!! We're super excited about it. Our soil is rubbish, so growing veggies hasn't come easy to us here, but we've been persevering! We can't wait to start fresh with some lovely new, or enriched, soil & just go bananas!

Rog & Evie did a quick pose for me on top of the trailer full of garden waste today, and Evie took a photo of me

Below that are a few photos of the work in progress, with a very 'helpful' toddler. In the background you can see the current, unruly, veggie garden. Ooh, I'm excited about the change!

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