Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Night

We saw The King's Speech this afternoon, it was sooo good! I haven't been to the movies in about six months, it felt like such a treat to get a babysitter (my folks) and go out for a movie. I really recommend this one, you can't go wrong with Colin Firth & Geoffrey Rush!! I've spent alot of this evening on Wikipedia reading all about the royal family, fascinating stuff.

I just haven't got around to the photos of Evie's room for you, I promise them for the next couple of days!!

Last thing - Evie cracked me up at dinner tonight, out of nowhere she made up a song & started singing 'I dream of finding my husband'!! Umm, my daughter is very obsessed with weddings! Don't worry, I've told her not to worry about it until she's a grown-up, then she can find a husband!!

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