Monday, March 7, 2011

Evie's New Room

If I'm honest I've been putting off this post. I really LOVE Evie's new room, but I know that my photography skills aren't up to scratch, and I read to many lovely design blogs that my photos will look a bit crap next to!

Ok, so my self-depreciation done (!) here's a few snippets of Evie's new, and much loved, room. I hope you can get a sense of the clean, bright, lightness and love it too!

Here is the cabinet I showed you the other day, Evie placed the stickers on it and the little pink flowers all together are a family (children, mum, dad, baby & granny if you must know!) She has inherited my glow bug from when I was little, and hangs her little bags of toys (snow white & dwarfs, sylvania family) from the side-knobs. The rug on the floor is a Lusy Blom from Ikea, and the curtains are a sheer cotton (with little dots) named Matilda also from Ikea.

Most of these prints are the same as her old room, except for a couple:
- the bunny cross-stitch was a handmade gift from Roger's auntie
- the tiger is a gift card from the Darling Clementine range
- the little owl postcard was a little gift from my sisters
- the foxy one (the little girl looks like Evie!) I won from Oh Hello Dear last year (through a competition on Bloesem Kids) - so cool!

This is Evie's bed (obviously!) my dad made the frame when I was little and I love that it's now hers! You can see all the toys that 'need' to stay in bed with her, not to be cuddled, just to be jammed in nearby!

This little shelf I found in an op-shop and spray painted (don't mind the chips of paint from when it was screwed to the wall!) The little figures on top I have also collected on thrifting trips, they're adorable. Now they're up high we hopefully won't have to glue any more heads back on! The dress was made my moi! I used an old pattern (again from an op-shop) and I'm really pleased with it, except that little miss doesn't like to wear it because it's not pink enough (!), hence why it is on display for me to enjoy!!

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