Friday, February 4, 2011

A little peek

The other day I blogged about 'eco-paint', I have since discovered Ecolour, an Australian paint with no VOCs or other toxins. This water-based paint is made from recycled and re-refined waste engine oil - sounds pretty cool! Seems to have good reviews, has anyone tried it?

I took a couple of photos of Evie's current room to show you. I know they're a bit dark and not great photos - apologies! Please also keep in mind that this was mid-play, so there was no tidying or styling!

Evie is such a girly girl, note the pile of dress-ups (mostly princess, fairy, ballet or wedding related!).

The chest of drawers was turned upside down when it was her change-table (handy!). The umbrella was a Christmas present from Auntie Megan. She loves having music in her room during quiet time, and being such a 'buttons' girl knows how to work the cd player herself!

Here is the unwilling participant herself! The Sesame Street pillowcase used to be Roger's when he was little (with matching bedspread) she loves it! The large painting on her left was by Auntie Megan when Evie was born.

On her wall we have (clockwise from top):
Framed record of 1970's classic 'Evie' by Stevie Wright (given by Uncle Andrew)
Art print from Printspace (from us for Evie's 2nd Birthday)
Belle & Boo Print from Indie Fixx (free art!)
'Love is Homegrown' cross-stitch from an op-shop
'Can't fight the moonlight' canvas from Urchin (from Nannie & Poppie)
Barn shelves (love!) from an op-shop filled with Evie's toys

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