Monday, February 21, 2011

Always Monday Morning!

The beginning of another week. The weekend seems so fly by so quickly and suddenly its Monday morning again! Time for grocery shopping and a visit to the library - exciting stuff!!

Rog almost finished painting Evie's new room over the weekend with our new 'eco paint', it looks great! We broke the news to Evie about a room change and thankfully she's excited about it, rather than freaking out!

Here are some great links to make this Monday morning a bit more inspiring! (rather than me at the kitchen table in my pj's with morning hair!!):

- Love this Glee/Sartorialist moment

- Evie would just adore this dress!!

- Now this lamp would cheer up a room!

- Oh to actually be Scandinavian and dress your child in this!

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  1. If that dress was in my size I'd totally wear it! How lovely!


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