Monday, February 20, 2012

Some lovely links - 19

I've been online late at night this week (feeding & expressing, some of you ladies know the drill!), anyway, this means that I've come across lots of lovely things to share with you!

- cute blue kiddies shoes from Beatrice Valenzuela, via Paul et Paula

- these cards are adorable, cross-stitch hearts, aww! from dandee, via 79 ideas

- simply beautiful pendant lights from Coco Flip

- comfy whale dress for little girls from Line und Liv

- check out this lasagne, looks sooo delicious...

- I love the neon legs on this dining table, a look I could see working at our place! from apartment therapy

- Che & Fidel is one of my favourite blogs, I love this letter that Jodi's written to herself when she was a first-time mum, it's made me think about myself as a mum.

- I think this beet bourguignon looks really yum

- I'm thinking about buying the PDF for this kids t-shirt pattern, it seems really cool & practical.

- this book about parenting in France sounds like an interesting read


  1. Love the Che & Fidel link - Excellent reading for a first timer like myself! I hope you, Rog, Evie and Dexter are all enjoying getting to know one another!
    Annie (Judy's SiL)

    1. hi Annie! I should have said congrats when I saw you the other week, congratulations!!


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