Friday, March 8, 2013

My go-to recipes

Here are some of my favourite internet recipes, I'd love to share them with you:

- chili con lentils - a really hearty meal, we love to eat it with avocado and corn chips. My cheat is to add a can of tomatoes instead of real ones, and to add chopped capsicum instead of fancy roasted ones.

- falafel - delicious with salad, and the leftovers are super tasty for lunch with bacon and eggs

- lentil salad - filling and zingy

- masoor dhal - the only dhal I've ever enjoyed! the toppings are delicious, we eat this about once a week

 - tortilla  - man these are amazing, but too much dinner effort for me at the moment

- brownies - this recipe really makes the best brownies ever, so yummy

- granola - I bake this once a week, perfect for breakfast served with natural yoghurt and fresh fruit (and a coffee!)

- dark and stormy - my summertime relaxation beverage


Any recipes you'd like to pass on to me in the comments??

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