Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dexter is 11 months old!

My darling boy is 11 months old already, eep! It was really tricky taking the photos this month, this boy just won't sit still! We're getting so much talking from him now, lots of noises and made up words. Dex's newest word is 'tickle', ha, such a crazy word. He grabs with his fingers and says it with a giggle, so cute! He also says 'bye' and waves, especially when Rog leaves for work, he sometimes gets a 'bye da dad'!

The latest obsession for Dex is lights and light switches, he constantly has one finger in the air pointing at them. Anything with wheels, buttons or a cool noise needs to be explored too. Dex hasn't walked independently yet, but practically runs with his walker (or a chair, or anything else he can push!)

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