Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First day of school!

My little big girl started school today! Evie has been looking forward to school for ages now, and the day finally arrived. We were ready with enough time for a photo shoot by the chook yard:

ha, these photos are classic Evie, she couldn't stand still for very long! Rog worked from home today, so we were able to walk together to school (with Dex along for the ride) which was really lovely.

Evie settled in easily in the classroom and we were able to slip out and return home without any tears from her, my brave girl. Of course I teared up as we left, but I pulled myself together as we walked home.

Evie beginning school has been pulling alot of emotional heart-strings for me lately. I'm so happy to see the beautiful, confident, free-spirited and loving girl that Evie has grown into. She is so ready to start school; to be broadened socially and begin learning more. I think I have trouble letting go. I think it's the idea of passing my Evie over to the school as her main influence during the week, I've become very accustomed to choosing and filtering all Evie's influences until now. I've been so fortunate to spend the past (almost) five years at home with Evie, a really precious time. It feels like a cliche to say, but it's true, when did my little girl grow up, wasn't she just born yesterday!!

ps - apologies (not really!) for the picture heavy post and somewhat inarticulate feelings (I should really be in bed, but couldn't wait to share this post with you!!)


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    1. I know, I still get a melty heart holding her little hand when we walk to school


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