Saturday, February 16, 2013

A party for Dex

Last weekend we had a little party for Dexters' first birthday. So crazy right, time seriously flies!

We went with a bit of a robot theme - Dex loves anything with buttons! I'm proud of my cake efforts, I had alot of fun baking and decorating this one.

The birthday boy enjoying some wrapping paper

The birthday boy enjoying his lunch

When Evie turned one I sewed some bunting for her, and we've used it each birthday since. Here you can see the bunting I sewed for Dex, I look forward to using it for each of his birthdays in the future!

On the shelf you can see the plates Rog brought me from Anthropologie in San Fransicso, so gorgeous.

I loved the monthly pics of Dex on display, such a lovely record of growth.

This is our weather-worn outside bunting. My sister made it a few years ago, and it really makes a party more festive.

Post-party, post-bath chillout


  1. Happy Birthday Dex!! LOVE the decorations, looks amazing! And LOVE the Anthropologie plates- jealous...

    1. I picked the plates on the website and emailed Rog while he was away, so yes, I got to pick my own gift :)


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