Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dex at twelve months!

On Valentine's Day Dexter turned one, I know every mother says it, but the past year has gone so quickly. I can't believe that this full-of-life delicious cheeky boy is the same tiny newborn I gave birth to a year ago.

Dex is moving at a rapid pace, crawling and pushing anything as a walker. Let me tell you, this boy is persistently naughty. I'm constantly catching him in the kitchen (a no-baby zone) and he's even figured out how to open the fridge! Oh man, Dex's smile and giggles, I feel like he could light a room, it sounds corny but he brings us so much joy!!

Boy does Dex know how to make noise! Thankfully he's such a happy boy that it's rare to hear whinging and crying. We get alot of 'talking' these days, I wish I could understand what he's trying to tell me as he vigorously 'talks' and points! He says alot of 'that' and 'what's that', and his new one is 'there he is' when playing peek-a-boo. Melts my heart!

The next day I realised that tooth number eight made an arrival on his birthday (but without too much fuss thankfully). He also had a sniffly nose that day, but not much dampens his enthusiasm. I've got lots of other photos I took on Dexie's birthday, but I might chuck them in the next post...


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