Sunday, October 30, 2011

Backpack love

I've been thinking about backpacks...
After a day in the city this week lugging around a shoulder bag (you know what I mean, filled with Evie's spare clothes, snacks, drink bottles...) I started thinking that there's got to be a chic, yet more practical, way to do this.

This post from Cup of Jo is what got me first thinking about backpacks (Joanna says they're cool in New York!)

 Here's what I've come up with:

Brandy Melville (out of stock)

Ecote (out of stock)

Poketo (US $58)

Survey (US $49.99)

Dusen Dusen (US $110)

Jeffrey Campbell (AUS $140)

Eunice Han (US $69)

Poketo (US $48)

Pop Quiz (US $69.99)

ASOS (AUS $57.54)

opinions or suggestions??


  1. I have a thing for horizontal stripes, so would snap either of the horizontal stripe options you posted in a second, however also L.O.V.E. the "Eunace Han" and it could be a way of making a point that it's not just a back pack from school days!

  2. ooh, good opinions! also the Eunice Han is handmade & sold on etsy


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