Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm back

Sorry for my absence, Roger's been away for work this past week & I haven't felt much like blogging. But here I am!

What have I done this week?

I've spent the time with old friends in Downton Abbey and Parks & Recreation, and new friends in Ashes to Ashes (season 1 - ah, Gene Genie).

I've been kept company in bed by a couple of good books; The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, The Mayor of Casterbridge & my baby name book (which I've read from A to Z and didn't find too inspiring! boys names are tricky!)

Here's a pic stolen from my sister's facebook page (classy, I know!) to show off my 22 week belly - getting bigger all the time!!


  1. oh HELLO baby bump! Maybe you should do a call out for names, see what people can come up with... Or you could think of your favourite characters on your favourite tv shows

    Examples: Jack (30 rock), Alex (Greys Anatomy), Big (Sex & the City), James (Top Gear)......

  2. ps baby never has to know why you chose the names...

  3. I'm very open to name suggestions!
    Evie thought today that we could call him Shirley! (our neighbours name) umm, not too sure about that one!

  4. I agree boys names are really tricky and hard. Love seeing your baby boy bump!

  5. Ok, because I am clearly obsessed with helping with the naming of this child I've found this website that you should look at. I looked up most popular names from 1912 (100 years from before bub will be born) and thought that might give some ideas...

    ps I like George & Henry

  6. Kate, I only just found this last comment lost in my comment filter, sorry about that. You're speaking my baby-naming-language!

  7. That's a big bump for 22 weeks! Books and TV series, that's what I miss about being pregnant! Enjoy.

  8. hi Alexandra, thanks for stopping by. You should see my tummy now at 25 weeks, I'm bigger this pregnancy for sure! And yes, I love books & tv anytime, now is just a good excuse to sit still & enjoy them!


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