Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday at home

I figure with a new babe in February I'll be spending alot of time in my pj's this summer. Hence I have been sewing myself a new summer dressing gown. I'm pretty proud that I've finished it! I went with a pattern from the 70's (classic) and bought 100% cotton for $5 a metre (classy!) I've got to toot my own horn & say that I really like it!!

I've been trying to eat healthier lunches at home, and I really loved todays (inspired by some awesome photos of scandinavian breakfasts I've been seeing on blogs). mmm....

One last pretty, the flowers on our kitchen table. The roses are from our garden (just coming into bloom, I wish you could smell them!) and the posy is from the farmer's market yesterday - happiness in a glass jar!

What's making you happy / healthy / feel productive today?


  1. I love reading about your creative sewing days Laura, it makes me inspired to do more sewing. You should come and visit me one day, i have a box full of vintage patterns, both adults and kids. My grandma was a dressmaker and i inherited all of her sewing stuff, fabric and patterns.

  2. I need to do more sewing too! so often household/family priorities & tiredness comes first! you're so lucky to have inherited all that, sounds fantastic!

  3. I really like the fabric you chose for the dress. It's so cheery!

  4. thanks Iris, I love that it looks painted!

  5. Ooh love it! Reminds me of a beach holiday in the 70s! Bet you can't wait to wear it! x

  6. I'm home with a cold & tomorrow's sunny, perfect summer dressing gown day!


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