Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas cheer

Evie & I have been getting into the Christmas spirit & decorating our house!

Here's my favourite Christmas decoration this year. We don't have a Christmas tree, because Roger's not really into the whole fussed-up Christmas look, so I try to be a bit creative while still being festive enough for Evie & I! Usually I hang our select ornaments on a vase-full-of-sticks (prettier than it sounds!). This year I was inspired by this & this to create a hanging display above our dining table. I really love it! I'm hoping to add a few more decorations as we get closer to the big day & I'll keep you informed of any that I make! (Thankfully in this photo you can't see too much of our ugly lights!)

Please meet our Christmas Reindeer, I really love them! I scored these little guys from a local op-shop a couple of Christmas's ago for a few bucks. They have such haughty eyes!

Our nativity set. Evie loves playing with this and I'm always finding baby Jesus in odd places (tucked into her bed for example!)

Our Christmas wreath. I made this last Christmas with supplies from Spotlight, easy peasy, but delightful!

I'll finish off with some photos of my Christmas elf (who only just stood still long enough for these shots!)

Are you getting into the Christmas spirit?


  1. Awwwwwwwhhh! I haven't done a thing yet!! Good work, looks adorable

  2. we got inspired because we watched the pageant together!


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