Monday, November 28, 2011

Some random November photos

In lieu of something interesting to say here are some photos from the past month:

Here Evie is concentrating on her sewing. I got a felt teddy-bear-bag kit from a friend (with a child-safe needle & pre-punched holes). Evie is getting the hang of it and quite enjoys sewing. Hopefully as she gets older this will be an activity we can enjoy together!

It finally occurred to me that the way to tackle our unorganised & messy kitchen is one shelf at a time! Here's the contents of my tupperware shelf mid tidy-up, scary huh!

I finished sewing a set of 12 serviettes for us. I used this tutorial and some fabric from my stash. I really love them! I also love using something that I don't have to throw out & can chuck in the washing machine :)

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