Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Evie's ballet concert

On Sunday Evie had her first ballet concert, and it was adorable!

In the morning we dropped her off for a couple of hours for a dressed rehearsal. Rog & I went out for brunch which was delicious, and then spent some time just wandering & chatting, perfect. It's not often we get that sort of time together!

In the afternoon I did Evie's 'very neat ballerina hair' and put on her make-up (mascara, foundation, blush & lipstick, crazy, I didn't think I'd be doing that with her for years!) and a squirt of perfume at her request.

Here are some photos of our 'star of the show' (taken by Rog):

The concert went for a couple of hours, so we had to sit through alot of other classes doing their dances, but it was ok.

Evie's class is about thirteen 3-4 year olds, so as you can imagine there is a bit of anarchy (but in an adorable way!) I was so proud of Evie for remembering most of her dance moves, and she really looked like she was enjoying herself. My favourite part was when she spotted us halfway through & stopped to wave & yell out 'hello mum'!!

At the end of the concert the teacher sat them all on the stage with their certificates & gave out improvement awards. Of course Evie was the one child who stood right in front of the teacher throughout the awards because she was expecting to get one!!

Yes, I spent Evie's part of the concert grinning like an idiot & holding back tears because I was so proud!
Have you had a heart-bursting experience this week?

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