Monday, December 5, 2011

Perfect pendants

I came across these pendant lights the other day, and to me they look perfect! In my dream renovation of our dining room I can't decide whether to hang two single pendants or the chandelier over the table?

pics from here & here

In this fantasy renovation we would see wood floors throughout the dining/kitchen/living areas, a brand new kitchen, lovely white walls and big windows. While we're at it I'd probably also knock out a few walls, change the kitchen location & build a proper pantry. Aaah, to dream!


  1. Love the lights, are love hearing your dreams!

  2. thanks Jane! unfortunately they'll probably stay as dreams, but I love planning regardless!

  3. The planning is the fun bit, the novelty of actually renovating wears off pretty quick!

  4. ha, true that Heidi! We're painting the baby's room at the moment, two coats of paint down, one to go. It's really not fun!


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