Monday, January 23, 2012

A parenting challenge

I was reading back over some old posts in The Beetle Shack this afternoon, when I came across one entitled 'Being Spirited Is NOT An Excuse To Be A Meanie'. Emily got my attention here! She talked a bit about what it is like to parent a spirited child, and referred to a helpful book. Well, I'm all over that like ants at a picnic!

Our Evie is a very spirited child, which I love, she is energetic, active, alert, engaging... but along with that come some not so positive descriptions; difficult, strong-willed, stubborn...

I'm going to read the book suggested in the blog post, 'Raising Your Spirited Child'. I feel that especially as we add a baby to our family our parenting of Evie can use all the help & encouragement we can get!

I don't tend to buy or read parenting books, or self-help books for that matter, have you got any you'd like to rave about?


  1. 2 girlfriends recommended this book for my 'spirited' one, so maybe it's a sign I should read it too.

  2. we bought it on Roger's kindle so I could start reading right away & I'm enjoying it. I really identify with lots of the anecdotes! I'm yet to get to the real 'application' chapters of the book, but it's good so far!


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