Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A relaxing wednesday

For Christmas my parents bought Evie a ticket to see the Angelina Ballerina Concert (with my mum), and the concert was this morning. Evie wanted to wear her flowergirl clothes & have her hair in a 'ballet bun', she looked gorgeous! They caught a train into the city (which Evie loves doing), saw the concert & then had lunch together before coming home. She loved it & I can hear her lying in bed singing songs about Angelina even now!

I had a lovely time with the house to myself. I did a few productive things, but mostly just rested. I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow, and Roger keeps telling me off for doing too much!

I ate this delicious salad for lunch (and yes, I was halfway through before I thought to take a photo!)

I also watched Julie & Julia (great movie) while sewing a playmat for baby boy. I've decided to hand quilt it (which I've never done before) because I figure it will make me sit still alot!

Here's a pic of my lovely girl when she was brought home, she flaked it in the car & had an hours nap when she got home - so relaxing!!


  1. Nice to hear Evie enjoyed Angelina Ballerina and love the play mat you are so creative, can't wait to have look when done.

    1. she really did, unfortunately the late nap meant that she didn't fall asleep until after 9 last night! (happily singing till then). Not looking forward to tired behaviour this arvo! I just hope I finish the playmat before baby arrives :)


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