Monday, April 30, 2012

Evie's fourth party

Evie turned four weekend-before-last and we had a lovely party for her. The theme was 'Robots & Ballerinas' as requested by the birthday girl, many of the kids came dressed accordingly which was really fun. Here's a pic of the birthday girl in her finery with the pretty cake:

Here's another of Evie with a balloon animal (thanks to Uncle Ryan!):

As can be seen below we decorated cheaply, yet effectively with:
- bunting made for Evie's first birthday party
- Evie's collection of ballet books (how can one girl own so many!)
- Rog's robot & Dexters robot book
- photos of the birthday girl
We also had colourful streamers from my 30th & some lovely balloons decorating the rest

On the table you can see all the supplies for a craft activity - make your own robot or ballerina - the kids loved it! some examples of their creativity follow:

Please excuse the fact that this next photo was taken inside with a flash (gross!). Here are the robots that Evie made, from left to right; Mummy, Daddy, Evie & Dexter (aww!)


  1. Was a lovely morning! Your big girl looks gorgeous! Love what she made, very cute! And Lachlan loved making a robot!

    1. as always it was a pleasure to have your family here :)

  2. Replies
    1. thanks Kate - not long till your big day!!


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