Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Some lovely links - 20

- I love so much in this photo. The dining set, kitchen cabinets, lighting, colours & general vibe. Gah, having a new lovely kitchen is such a far-off dream! From Elle Decoration, via SF Girl by Bay.

- why hello gorgeous roof-top veggie garden (with chooks & bees). I totally look that put-together when I feed the chooks(!). From The Selby, via bleubird

- root soup & purple potato chips from Green Kitchen Stories

- gorgeous moodboard books on decor8, these would be fun to make with a group of girlfriends *hint*

- sexist but hilarious vintage ads

- if you're watching the new season of Mad Men (love it, hello old friends!) then you should be reading Tom & Lorenzo's write ups. Each episode has a plot & character post & a style post, ah-mazing! I love these guys!

- yes marketing gurus, I probably would like to buy a pair of bathers called MiracleSuit. I'm due for new bathers next summer, I wore my old ones until they were see-through! I'm dreaming about a lovely pre-baby body & a one-piece, you?

- this wedding brought tears to my eyes

- check out this Barbie house made of cardboard, oh to have that much patience & creativity!

- tips for planning family dinners & grocery shopping


  1. Oh I LOVED the first two pics the most.... that's exactly how I'd like to look when I garden! (but I'm with you... never ever look that good in the garden... whole lot more stained and ripped shirts (ripped in a bad way)

    1. ha, I'm usually in my pj's in the garden!


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